About the company 

"Delta" LLP is functioning on the basis of the Charter of the Partnership and the State license which enables to perform all kinds of security services for an unlimited term.

Since 1997, our organization carries out its activities by providing services on protection and securing of individuals, very important persons, stationary objects and cargo escorting by highway or railway transport, which has the strategic designation and high value. Along with security escorting of cargo by highway transport, the Company provides services on protection and escorting by railway.

During the period of the organization's existence, we have mastered all of the specifics of security escorting with railway and highway transport, therefore, еру volumes of provided services have been increased. Currently, "Delta" LLP is one of the leaders in the field of security escorting with railway and highway transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The organization has an extensive experience in protection of stationary objects and in escorting highly valuable and dangerous cargo, precious metals, nonferrous metals, machinery, oil products and commodity goods.

Such companies as “Globalink Transportation & Logistics” LLP, “Procter & Gamble” LLP, “Atasu” LLP FEC, “Lomer Point Bridge” LLP FEC, the Company “He Lee”(China), “Baikonur Machinery Group” LLP, the Company “Massory Trade Limited”,  “Traice” LLP FEC and many others use our services.

With the growth of the market economy and the increase in exports of goods (cargo) there appeared the question of protection and escorting of cargo along the whole route, wherefore partner interrelationships had been concluded with the security companies in such states as: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Ukraine, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Tajikistan, Afghanistan.

Providing security services the “Delta” LLP has:

1. offices throughout the Republic;

2. necessary financial resources

3. availability of service weapons and special means of active and passive defense;

4. availability of fixed, mobile and portable radio communication equipment;

5. availability of automobile transport;

6. availability of around the clock on duty, inspection divisions and the rapid response teams.